Enjoy a Shower with a Waterproof Cover Protector for Your Leg Cast

There’s nothing fun about a broken leg since it makes many activities taboo. However, missing out on all the fun is no longer a problem with a Limbo waterproof leg cover for the shower and pool. Our leg covers are the best cast and wound protection on the market when you must protect them from getting wet.

Superior Shower Leg Protector

You may have used or seen a cast cover for showering before, but unless it was a Limbo, you likely didn’t get the performance you expected from that cast cover. So, what makes the Limbo leg cover for the shower or pool a superior product?

  • 100% Waterproof – many competitor products claim to be waterproof yet lack the performance of Limbo. The wide, neoprene seal and waterproofing materials make the Limbo the most effective product on the market.
  • Longer life span – the Limbo broken leg shower cover can last from two to 12 months with proper care. This means a one-time expenditure compared to the ongoing cost of single-use shower bags for legs.
  • Comfortable to wear – the waterproof material of the Limbo cover is pliable, making movement easy, and it is slip resistant. The non-contact nature of the Limbo makes it ideal for wounds where contact and pressure are painful.
  • Easy to use – waterproofing your broken or injured leg is as easy as pulling on a sock. The wide neoprene seal folds itself as you pull on the Limbo legging. Once positioned, pulling the cover down will make the seal flip the right way around, creating a waterproof seal.
  • More than a shower cover – the Limbo waterproof leg cover is suitable for wearing while swimming and during hydrotherapy sessions. As a precaution, the Limbo shower cover should be removed after 20 minutes, as heat and moisture can build up inside, causing discomfort and odour.
  • Waterproof casts – even waterproof casts can benefit from using a Limbo cast cover when showering and swimming. It can help prevent odours and maintain the appearance and integrity of a waterproof cast.

Across Australia and Oceania, hospitals use our innovative products, and we supply many retirement villages, medical retailers and directly to you. We offer a practical, simple-to-use waterproof leg cover for showers and swimming. Stay clean and active with our shower cover for a leg cast–order one today.