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Shower or Bathe Normally with a Full Arm Cast Protector from LimbO Australia

Virtually nothing about being in a cast is convenient. Casts are hot, uncomfortable, ugly, and smelly. They are difficult to plan a wardrobe around and sometimes make getting around tough, too. They greatly reduce your ability to take part in most physical activities. And that's all in addition to the pain from the actual injury that forced you to wear a cast in the first place!

Still, even amidst all the other drawbacks of having to wear a cast, maybe the biggest one is not being able to get the thing wet. LimbO Australia's full arm cast protector is designed to provide a solution to this problem.

Keeping Your Cast Dry

Showering and bathing are big problems for casts, for several reasons. If a plaster cast gets wet, the moisture can weaken and loosen the cast. A weaker plaster cast, in turn, isn't as effective in holding your broken arm, leg, wrist - or anywhere - in place while it heals. As a result, getting a plaster cast wet can slow down bone healing or cause the bone to heal incorrectly. In other cases, the padding inside the cast gets wet and stays wet, which can lead to considerable skin irritation and even skin death.

Obviously, neither of these outcomes is ideal. When children break bones, doctors often encourage their parents to give sponge baths, rather than risk wet and damaged casts. But what happens when patients don't have someone who can help them bathe or shower?

Sometimes, people try to craft makeshift cast protectors using plastic bags, medical tape, and other components. This strategy often fails to, waterproof a cast completely but even when it doesn't, it results in a big waste of money and materials. After all, if you go the makeshift route, you will usually have to create a fresh cast protector every time you shower or bathe.

Investing in an Arm Cast Protector for the Shower

At LimbO Australia, we carry arm cast protectors for the shower - as well as leg and hand cast protectors with the same level of waterproofing. These cast protectors use high quality materials to ensure a perfect seal and a completely dry cast. You simply can't get the same results using a homemade solution.

Furthermore, our cast protectors are reusable and can last for up to a year if cared for correctly. In the long run, a LimbO full arm cast protector is more cost effective than cobbling together pieces of plastic and tape at home. They are also quick and convenient to put on, which means you will save yourself a lot of time over the course of your injury recovery period.

Being in a cast is unpleasant, but being able to shower, bathe or even swim without worrying about getting the cast wet makes things a lot better. To give yourself that freedom, order a leg, hand, or arm cast protector from LimbO Australia today. Click here to check out our order form and see what's available.