How to Buy an Arm Cast Cover: Full Arm or Elbow

Recovering from an injury can be challenging and difficult, especially when the injury affects a limb that you’ve grown used to using often. Take your arms, for instance. Nearly every convenience of the modern world is operated by your arms, which can make an arm injury seem debilitating. Even everyday tasks such as bathing can seem impossible, especially since most doctors advise against letting a cast become wet. However, the solution isn’t necessarily to stop showering. Instead, consider purchasing an arm cast cover with waterproof capabilities.

Some people think that casts described as waterproof will hold up in the shower or when they are fully submerged in water, but this is almost never true. In fact, most “waterproof” casts are simply designed to resist a few drops of light rain or splashback in the sink. They aren’t designed for full immersion in water, and too much moisture can cause mould or mildew to form inside, resulting in discomfort and recovery problems. To avoid these issues, make sure to protect any cast you wear with a full arm or elbow cast cover that offers complete waterproofing.

How Can a Waterproof Arm Cast Cover Help Me?

An elbow or full arm cast cover that can be submerged in water is for more than just showering or bathing. It can also be particularly useful if you are using hydrotherapy to recover, or swimming as a form of exercise. Swimming is one of the only exercises that many people with casts can participate in since it does not require you to pick up heavy weights or engage in high-impact activities with a sensitive limb. A waterproof arm cast cover can allow you to swim without the risks of mould forming in your cast.

Purchase a LimbO and Stop Worrying About the Risks of Water for Your Cast

The product you’ll want to consider whenever you need a waterproof cast cover is the LimbO. Operating for over two decades now we have helped countless patients recover without worrying about exposure to water. A simple but effective cover that can work with a variety of casts, the LimbO is used in numerous care facilities throughout Australia and is trusted by several medical professionals. However, the ease of use this product provides ,allows it to be worn and used without professional assistance of any kind, which means it can be ordered by any individuals who need waterproofing options for their casts and bandages. Order a LimbO for your full arm or elbow cast, and make sure moisture will never stop you from a necessary activity.

Your health and hygiene is important, and they matter even more when you are recovering from an injury. Make sure that you can still shower, bathe, and swim when you protect your arm cast with a LimbO cover. Call today to find out more about this product, or to place an order today.