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Even though every parent wants the very best for their kids, they can't keep an eye on them at all times. Unfortunately, children can hurt themselves in a split second when you're not looking, and though most trips and falls result in minor bruising that goes away quickly, some accidents can result in injuries that take a little longer to heal. Your child might be the centre of attention at school thanks to their 'cool' cast, but until your little one has recovered, they're going to struggle with many daily tasks, and participating in sport might be out of the question.

As an adult, it's easy to follow the rules of cast protection, but for children, it's not so easy. We can hardly blame youngsters for wanting to stick a coat hanger inside their cast to alleviate an itch, nor can we be surprised that our kids still want to splash around in the pool with their friends. Unfortunately, it's crucial to avoid wetting a cast at all costs because if you do, the cast will need replacing as quickly as possible. However, there's no reason to risk wetting your kid's cast if you purchase a child cast protector.

At LimbO, we know that you don't want to take any risks with your little one's cast because you want them to make a full and speedy recovery. However, as mentioned, above, monitoring our kids 24 hours a day is impossible, and they will likely try to take part in an activity that risks getting their cast wet. Fortunately, you don't need to force them to stay clear of such activities because our children's cast covers are 100-percent waterproof and easy to apply. Keep reading below to learn more about our innovative products.

Why You Need a Kids Cast Cover

Children seem to have a knack for getting into accidents, and while most trips and falls are harmless, they can result in minor to severe injuries that require a cast. Fortunately, you can ensure your kid's cast remains in good condition by protecting it from moisture with a child cast cover. We have casts in all sizes to fit any child correctly, and they're available for body parts ranging from feet to hands. Plus, by wearing a protector, your child can bathe or shower easily.

Our cast covers are high value because they're long-lasting provided you store and maintain them correctly. In fact, one protector could last up to a year if it doesn't sustain damage, meaning you only have to spend money once to give your child a lasting form of cast protection. Even if your youngster has a waterproof cast, our covers can help keep them smelling fresh and in good condition.

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