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Waterproof Cast Covers for both Adults & Kids


A broken bone or severe sprain is bad enough. Not only do these injuries hurt, but they mean wearing a cast, which is a major inconvenience even in the best situations. Casts make it difficult to move around, are a nightmare for sleeping and are just generally uncomfortable. To make matters worse, casts - even waterproof ones - are a terrible match for swimming and bathing. At best, you have a waterproof cast, which still starts to smell bad after a few showers or dips in the pool. At worst, the cast or dressing can't get wet at all without requiring replacement.

Luckily, at LimbO Australia, we have the solution. Our waterproof arm cast covers are the best on the market. Indeed, unlike many competing products, our arm cast covers are 100% waterproof and comfortable to wear.


Cast covers for broken arms and legs

The Limbo is a our standard durable waterproof protector, designed to keep your plaster or dressing dry while bathing or showering.

Available in both adults and child sizes

Keep Cool this Summer with a Waterproof Arm Cast Cover for Swimming

It's well-documented that arm casts are a hassle for bathing or showering. What do you do with your arm if you can't get it wet? How do you wash your hair or body if you can only use one arm?

While it's theoretically possible to bathe without getting your cast wet - or at least without totally submerging it in water - the same can't be said for swimming. Therein lies one of the big tragedies of suffering a broken arm in the summertime: not only is the cast hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable, but you can't jump in the pool to get any relief either.

With LimbO Australia's waterproof arm cast cover for swimming, though, you can go into the pool, go all the way underwater and get your arm wet. The cover keeps the water from touching the cast, which in turn keeps the cast in good shape and prevents the odour build-up that plagues casts that have gotten wet repeatedly.

Swimming is one of the joys of summertime, especially in the piping hot weather conditions that prevail in most of Australia. Staying out of the pool for months just because of an injury can be miserable, particularly for young kids. With our cast covers from LimbO Australia, though, you can get the full enjoyment of the swimming pool without worrying about your cast. We even stock arm cast covers for kids so that your son or daughter can enjoy a fun-filled summer no matter what.