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Get the Most out of Your Pool Exercises with a Waterproof Arm Sleeve or Leg Cast from LimbO Australia

After a traumatic injury, spending time in the swimming pool can be a great way to get moving and start strengthening your muscles and joints again. For severe shoulder injuries, water therapy can help patients regain strength, range of motion, natural arm swing and more. For knee injuries, walking underwater can aid with rehabilitation and mobility. There are similar benefits for many types of injuries. The only question, in most cases, is how to enjoy all the benefits of aquatic therapy if you are still wearing a cast of some sort?

At LimbO Australia, we have the answer, in the form of our waterproof arm sleeves and leg cast covers. Comfortable, non-intrusive and easy to wear, these sleeves fit right over your cast. The seal then sits on the skin of your arm or leg and prevents water from getting into the sleeve. Provided you avoid doing anything too vigorous in the swimming pool, your cast should stay dry and protected for the duration of your exercise.

Casts and Water: The Basics

As a rule, casts and water don’t mix well. Non-waterproof casts require replacement if and when they get wet. The problem is that the padding inside the cast itself can’t dry due to a lack of air or heat. As a result, the inside of a non-waterproof cast stays wet, which can lead to major skin problems after an extended period. If your cast gets wet and it isn’t waterproof, you will need to replace it immediately—preferably within 24 hours—to avoid skin infection and other common issues.

Even if you have a waterproof cast, though, it’s probably wise to consider a waterproof cast sleeve before you get into a swimming pool. Waterproof casts can be submerged in water without causing skin problems, but they usually develop an unsavoury smell after getting wet and drying a few times. Investing in an arm cast sleeve for your waterproof cast—at least for swimming—will help keep the cast a little fresher.

Plus, there are some situations where waterproof casts won’t even be an option. Waterproof casts use waterproof padding, which holds up better when it gets wet, but this doesn’t always give the same tight, close fit you might expect from a non-waterproof cast. For some fractures and breaks, that tight fit is essential for proper healing.

Luckily, with a waterproof cast sleeve from LimbO Australia, you will be able to go into the water even if your cast technically can’t.

Order Your Waterproof Arm Sleeve or Leg Cast Protector Today

If you want to enjoy the rehabilitation benefits that aquatic therapy can provide, LimbO Australia can help. With our leg, hand, and arm cast protectors, you will be able to go all the way into the water without worrying about getting your cast wet. To learn more about these products and the considerable benefits they offer, give us a call on 1-800-A-LIMBO.