Find a Waterproof Cast, Liner, and Bandage Protector for Swimming

Wearing a cast can come with numerous challenges, but it serves an important purpose. If you have been injured, a cast can help you keep your bones in place to enable proper healing. The downside, of course, is that casts impose many restrictions on the wearer. When you are wearing a cast, not only will you will be restricted regarding your movement—it limits the number of places to which you can go. Wearing a cast in a moist or damp environment can cause mould or mildew to build up underneath, which can adversely affect your recovery and be particularly uncomfortable. Some waterproof cast options do exist, but here’s an even better idea: cover your cast with a waterproof cast and bandage protector.

The Benefits of Having a Waterproof Cast Protector: for Swimming, Bathing, and More

Many people assume that a waterproof cast will allow them to swim or bathe, but this is usually not the case. In the clear majority of cases, “waterproof” simply means “water resistant.” A waterproof cast might be able to handle a few splashes of water or a spilled drink, but it is unlikely to be suitable for bathing. However, you can purchase a fully waterproof cast liner to cover your cast when you take baths, showers, or go swimming.

In addition to using a quality waterproof cast protector for swimming, it is possible to use one to protect your cast during hydrotherapy. Undertaking hydrotherapy can speed up the recovery process and help you achieve range of motion again sooner, so the ability to do so without compromising the cleanliness of your cast is extremely valuable. A premium waterproof liner or cast and bandage protector suitable for swimming, bathing, and hydrotherapy should be one of the first things you look for if you sustain an injury that requires long-term bandages.

Enter the LimbO: A Waterproof Cast Liner that Stands in a Class of its Own

Consider the LimbO for your waterproof cast and bandage liner needs. The LimbO is a waterproof cast liner that has been used successfully for over two decades. It helps patients keep their casts and bandages safe, sanitary, and dry when they are recovering from injuries. The LimbO is unique when it comes to quality, performance, and lifespan. It is fully reusable and can last for up to a year with proper care. The simple and effective design also makes it easy to use, so individuals seeking cast protection can order and apply it without professional assistance.

When you keep your cast protected, you ensure that your recovery can be as smooth and fast as possible. Give yourself a tool you can use to stay fit and hygienic during your recovery and order a LimbO today. Contact us directly for more information, and speak to someone who can answer your questions about the product or help you place an order as soon as possible.