Waterproof Bandage for Swimming

A waterproof bandage for swimming can protect your cast during swimming or other water activities. Casts present numerous challenges, especially when showering and bathing.

Wearing a cast in a moist or damp environment can cause mould or mildew to build up underneath, which can adversely affect your recovery and cause even more discomfort. Some waterproof cast options exist, but they don’t always keep water out completely. An even better idea is covering your cast with a completely waterproof cast and bandage protector. Choosing the right Limbo for your needs is easy with our quick online quiz.

The Benefits of Having A Waterproof Cast Cover for Swimming, Bathing, and Hydrotherapy

Many people assume that a waterproof cast will allow them to swim or bathe without worries, but this is usually not the case. In the majority of cases, “waterproof” actually only means water-resistant. The commonly used “waterproof” casts might be able to handle a few splashes of water or a spilled drink, but it is unlikely to be suitable for bathing. Moisture may still seep in and cause mildew or infection.

A more straightforward option, however, is to purchase a fully waterproof cast cover for swimming. They can be worn in the bath, shower, and swimming pool, and they will keep your cast 100% dry and protected. After an injury, you may choose to use hydrotherapy to speed up the recovery process. It helps to achieve a wider range of motion much faster but participating in hydrotherapy with a cast can be problematic.

Our self-sealing protective garments prevent water from reaching your skin - keeping casts and wound dressings dry and clean. The Limbo sleeve allows for water activities for the purpose of healing or cleaning for an extended time.

Make use of our guide to ensure that you get the perfect fit. We offer children and adults sizes for arms, legs, and hands.

Enter the Limbo: A Waterproof Cast Liner That Stands in a Class of Its Own

Currently, in hospitals in every state in Australia, the Limbo is used as a top-quality waterproof cast cover and has been for over two decades to help patients keep their casts and bandages safe, sanitary, and dry when recovering from injuries. The Limbo is unique regarding quality, performance, and lifespan. It is reusable and can last for up to a year with proper care. The simple design also makes it easy to use, so individuals seeking cast protection can use it without professional assistance.

When you keep your cast protected, your recovery can be as smooth and fast as possible, and you can still enjoy water activities in peace, knowing your cast is protected. Give yourself a tool you can use to stay hygienic during your recovery and order a Limbo today.

Contact us directly for more information, and we will advise you on the best option and answer your questions about the product or help you place an order as soon as possible.