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Wish You Could Go Swimming Despite Being Injured? A Waterproof Hand Cast Cover or Leg Sleeve Might Help

When we were in school, whichever student wore the cast was the centre of attention because everybody wanted to know about their injury and scribble messages on the cast itself. However, now that you're a working adult with an extensive list of responsibilities, you might not find your injury or cast so entertaining. Depending on the severity, injuries can prevent us from being able to do our jobs efficiently, and even cooking dinner for the kids can seem almost impossible. Plus, how can you remain active when you're unable to wet your cast?

Unfortunately, if moisture manages to penetrate your cast, it won't be able to evaporate, leaving you with itchy skin and an injury that's more prone to infection. You should call your doctor immediately if you accidentally soak your cast and hope that it can be replaced within 24 hours for the sake of your recovery. Of course, the need to keep your cast dry means there can be no swimming under any circumstances, though if you would like to have a splash and the doctor says it's okay, you might be able to enjoy the pool by wearing a waterproof leg sleeve or hand cast cover.

At LimbO, we know that injuries and casts make everyday life challenging and frustrating, and even though you should make a full recovery, it's easy to feel like you need to put everything on hold while you're still suffering. We developed our waterproof leg cast cover for swimming to address this issue, and we also have products for your hand, arm, or foot. We guarantee that a protective sleeve made by us will keep your cast 100-percent moisture free, and the benefits of our products go beyond that.

Why Wear a Waterproof Leg Cast Cover?

Regardless of where your cast is, be it your leg, hand, or arm, you need to avoid wetting it, which you can do by purchasing a waterproof sleeve. However, why should you place your trust in our cast covers?

  • Our waterproof sleeves are effective: Unlike many products out there, our cast covers work. We guarantee that moisture won't reach your cast or injured limb when you're wearing a waterproof sleeve made by LimbO provided your activity isn’t too brisk.
  • Reuse your cover for up to a year: Our sleeves are high-value because you can use them repeatedly for up to one year provided you store and maintain them correctly. One leg or hand sleeve should be more than enough to last until you've recovered.
  • Easy to use: We developed our products to help you simplify tasks, not make them harder. You can feel confident that our cast covers are simple to apply, remove and store.

Protect Your Cast with a Waterproof Sleeve

At LimbO, we're here to tell you that you don’t have to put the brakes on every aspect of your life just because of your cast, and now, you can even enjoy swimming by wearing a waterproof sleeve for your wrist or hand. Contact the professionals at LimbO today to find out how we can help you enjoy a high quality of life until you make a full recovery.