Need a Cover for Your Cast? Discover Your Source for a Waterproof Wrist or Hand Cast Protector

Have you ever thought about how many times your hands come into contact with liquids each day? Consider the number of times you wash your hands daily. Don’t stop there, though—you’ll also have to factor in brushing your teeth, dishwashing, showering, filling glasses, and maybe even activities such as swimming. Your hands probably touch water at least five or six times every day (or at least, they should if you want to stay clean). However, it can be difficult to complete any of the activities listed above if you are wearing a cast on your hand or wrist. Casts aren’t meant to withstand full immersion in water—even those that are designated as “waterproof.” However, there are effective ways of providing water proof protection for casts.

How to Search for a Waterproof Wrist Cast Cover

A waterproof hand cast protector can allow you to participate in numerous everyday activities involving water without worrying about the consequences. Without one, your cast may be susceptible to the adverse effects of moisture when it becomes trapped underneath, such as mildew and mould. The presence of mildew in a cast can cause problems with your recovery, and be uncomfortable. It may cause an itching sensation (or even an unpleasant smell). However, an appropriate hand or wrist cast cover can effectively prevent any of these issues from occurring.

When shopping for a wrist cast protector, be sure to find one that is trusted by professional caregivers. A hand or wrist cast protector that is trusted in places such as hospitals and retirement homes will be one that you can trust for your own day to day use. However, it is also important to find a product that you can use easily without the help of a professional. Your cast cover should be easy to apply and remove so that you can make use of it anytime you need to protect your hand or wrist from moisture.

The Advantages of Using the LimbO as Your Waterproof Cast Protector

LimbO is a product that has existed for more than 20 years. It is used in hospitals and retirement villages across Australia and trusted by a growing number of individuals who order it for their waterproof cast protection while recovering at home. This easy-to-use but highly effective product can be put on and taken off without specialised knowledge or skill, making it an asset to have around the house. It can also be used for up to a year if it is well cared for, which makes it an excellent investment for people experiencing long-term recovery.

Don’t let a little water stop you from performing daily tasks during your recovery. Continue exercising without risk when you order a LimbO. Contact us during regular business hours to find out more about this product, or to place an order ASAP.