Limbo Waterproof Protectors for casts and dressings
Here are some of the letters we have received from our satisfied customers.


I ordered a limbo for my 10 year old daughter's broken arm 2 weeks ago. She has plaster from her wrist to almost her shoulder.

I just wanted to write and tell you how thrilled I was not only with your service, but especially the product!

I saw your advertisement on the wall near the plaster room at Dandenong Hospital in Victoria.

I went online to order, but wasn't sure which was the right size.

I rang and spoke to a lovely lady who was very helpful (and patient while I was measuring!) She was spot on with her size recommendation.

The product arrived on the next business day and was put straight to use!

It has been in the bath and shower, but most importantly, she has been able to go in our pool!

I tested the product myself and had no leaks, but she is now going into the pool every day! And even swims underwater with it!

For it to withstand being put on and off several times a day and not even a hint of water leakage is fantastic!

Received your order today and my son is very happy with it. Thankyou will be recommending your products to everyone.



I just wanted to thank you for your awesome product.

Our 3yo broke her arm right before xmas and a planned beach holiday. The limbo cast protector allowed her to swim at the beach and bathe/shower as normal. She didn't miss out on anything, she could even swim completely under water without getting her cast wet!

I've already told 2 other mums (that have children with casts) about your website and will continue to tell anyone I see with a cast about it. I can't believe more people don't know about it, every hospital should have a poster in their fracture clinic.

Thanks again,

Nyree Gill
Greensborough, Victoria

Hello Gretchen

Thank you so much for your prompt response to my order. Believe it or not, the item arrived on Friday (just 2 days after you sent it!) and I was very surprised being Christmas week and all.

My daughter is thrilled that she is allowed to go swimming and there is no stopping her!

Very happy with your product.

Lynda Harmer

The Limbo has been INVALUABLE to her, being Summer and school holidays, and has completely changed the predicament she would otherwise have been in.(sitting by the pool watching everyone else!!)

I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am to have the Limbo, as it has meant no plastic bags and sticky tape and total summer freedom for her.

I have been telling everyone about it including the orthopaedic surgeon(who said she was a very lucky girl to have a mum that cared so much), my friend who works in the Orthopaedic Ward to recommend it to her patients, and also a number of fellow patients as we while away the hours in the outpatient clinic! I want everyone in plaster to experience the freedom and the comfort the Limbo provides!

I hope it creates some business for you, and I am 100% confident in recommending your product and service!

Lots of people complain these days, so I just wanted to tell you how happy and satisfied I am!

Thanks again, and keep making little girls happy!

Melinda Bowd

Narre Warren South VIC

Hello, I am a community nurse at Laurieton Community Health Centre.  I have a client whose sister sent him one from the UK and I am interested to show other clients about it. Most of my clients are not on the internet so please send some details so I can spread the word about the wonderful product.

Many thanks
Sara Viale

Just thought I would let you know that I received our Limbo protector today!!!

Thankyou so much for such a quick postage, only ordered yesterday. You are a life saver :) it is going to make it much easier for my daughter to shower now.

Thanks again

Skye Marsh

You very kindly made a Limbo cast protector for my sons arm in August this year.  I wanted to thank you and let you know that it worked splendidly. It allowed him to go on holiday and use the swimming pool in our house. He swam with a large rubber ring with his arm draped over it with the seal out of the water.

I think they are a great idea.
Karen Goodison

I am writing to congratulate you on a truly wonderful product.I'm not usually given to writing letters like this, but the Limbo protector you have supplied has really delighted me. My baby son was born with talipes and may require plaster casts for up to a year to correct it this is obviously upsetting to discover but the very worst thing was not being able to play with him in the bath. Thanks to his cast protector he can now have as many baths as he likes and this is making both of us extremely happy.

I hope your product becomes more widely known I only heard about it from another mother at the hospital, Perhaps photographs, particularly in its use for children, might help. I certainly have told everyone I know about it.

With many thanks again
Meriel Cowan (Mrs.)

Seven or eight weeks ago I injured my leg and ended up with it cast in plaster and then in a metal brace. You supplied me with one of your Limbo protector and I used it for about five weeks. Will all in your company accept my thanks and appreciation; your product does a first class job! 

Yours sincerely
T J Plumley

I would just like to say thank you very much for the Limbo plaster protector.  A great product which has meant my nightly bath could be accomplished with no problems at all.

I'm looking forward to end of Feb when I won't have it at all but thank you for a super aid.

Yours faithfully
Ann Potter

I want to tell you how pleased I am with my Limbo. I had the misfortune to break my leg recently and was told about your product at Worthing Hospital. I was very impressed by the service one telephone call and The Limbo arrived by the next available postal delivery and I am thrilled by the morale- boosting effect of being able to take a warm bath despite the plaster! 

Many Thanks
Jean Wheeler

Supplied my little granddaughter with a Limbo bag to cover her broken arm. It has made all the difference to her holiday and many people came and inquired about it when she was on the beach. They said if only they had known about them when their children had broken limbs, it would have made such a difference.

Yours Sincerely, a very grateful grandma
Mrs Sheila Holmes


Thank you for the Limbo bag I swam with it and I saw lots of fish.

Love Lorna

The Limbo arrived the very next morning after our phone conversation Many Thanks. After 10 days here we took Lorna to the local hospital and she now has the plaster off. Thank you for making the summer holiday happy!

Best Wishes
Rachel Wood

Thank you for prompt service. The Limbo worked wonderfully well.

E Holy

We thought that we would take this opportunity to say what a tremendous product the cast protector is.

In the late summer our daughter broke her wrist and we went through the frustration of not knowing whether or not it would be worthwhile continuing the arrangements for our Holiday. Our main concern was whether she would be able to go in the swimming pool or not.

I am pleased to say that the protector was a resounding success, not only in the swimming pool, but the sea as well, in truth when we saw her antics we had serious concerns however the cast remained totally dry.

To be honest it wasnt the Hospital that informed us of your product it was a colleague. If you wish to use this letter as evidence of the product success then please do so. Once again, may thanks for a superb product.

Yours faithfully
P K & J Smith



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