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Arm Cast Waterproof Cover

A cast shouldn’t have to separate someone from the joys of water. Whether you want to dip in the pool or lay in a bath after a long day, our leg or arm cast waterproof cover makes it possible. Learn why so many turn to us for this protective gear.

Advantages of Our Waterproof Cast Covers

A cast is a necessary frustration after a fall or other injury. While it allows for fast healing, it can put a hygiene or swimming activities. Discover why using our waterproof arm cast cover makes life fun again.

  • Our Limbo protector is comfortable and easy to use. We fit our covers depending on your age, size or cast, or limb.
  • Because it is self-sealing and self-supporting, it prevents water from penetrating the protector. It allows you to protect plaster casts and wound dressings on arms and legs during bathing or showering. You can completely submerge the protector while swimming.
  • You don’t need to worry about it wearing out since we designed it to be simple and comfortable and to last for the reasonable duration of treatment.

How to Get the Best Use From Your Waterproof Cover for an Arm Cast

Since our Limbo is so convenient, you may need to remember you have it on. You’ll find that it significantly improves your quality of life. It is a non-sterile product primarily used in a bath or shower. Explore the many other situations you can use our product.

  • Because we design the Limbo to be robust and waterproof, you can use it for swimming. We note that if you swim outdoors, be alert to sharp objects.
  • Part of your treatments may include hydrotherapy pools to exercise strained muscles. Our Limbo lets you follow the exercise routines without worrying about causing further damage if water penetrates the area.
  • After any traumatic experience, soaking in warm water provides a relaxing experience and can decrease anxiety so that your body can focus on healing. The Limbo enables you to enjoy the healing benefits that water offers all parts of your body while ensuring your wound or plaster remains dry.

Limbo Australasia Provides You with All You Need to Heal

We believe in making your life easier after an injury. Our complete range of products comes in sizes for children and adults, and we offer cast covers for arms, legs, and hands. We want to make the entire process effortless for you by offering our products online with an easy-to-use selector tool to ensure you purchase the correct product and size. We know you’ll enjoy our products and ease of ordering.

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