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Shower sleeve for arm cast

Accidents happen in life and there’s not much we can do about them, but if your accident involves a broken arm, then a LimbO cast sleeve for showers can help you in the aftermath of a broken arm. Why should you opt for the LimbO brand? Let us tell you.

Easy to use

Fitting a shower sleeve for an arm cast is simpler than putting on a glove. The neoprene seal will fold itself inside as you push your arm into the shower sleeve. Once it has been pulled up to the elbow, pulling the cover down will make the wide seal flip the right way around creating a waterproof seal.

Comfortable to wear

The LimbO plastic sleeve for broken arms uses materials that are 100% waterproof but also pliable. The wide seal ensures there is no pinching while giving superior closure.

From shower to pool

Sometimes hydrotherapy is a part of the recovery process and the LimbO shower sleeve for arm casts offers the most effective protection. It is recommended that excess air is removed from the cover to limit buoyancy.

100% waterproof

It is the waterproofing materials and the wide neoprene seal that makes LimbO products more effective, and a better product than others on the market. They actually work as we say they do.

Single versus repeated use

There are many inferior, single use products on the market but over the time span that a cast may remain on your arm, the continued costs build up. Shower sleeves for arm casts from LimbO are reusable, making them a one time cost rather than a reoccurring one. Inferior products may lead to having to get the cast replaced.

Product care 

With the correct care, and depending on the amount of usage, your LimbO product can last for up to 12 months. 

Waterproof casts

The use of a LimbO cast sleeve can help maintain the cast's appearance but also help prevent odours. 

If you are lumbered with a broken limb, use a LimbO plastic sleeve for broken arms for the most effective waterproofing for your cast.