Limbo Waterproof Protectors for casts and dressings
The LimbO
The Freedom to Bathe and keep your Wound or Plaster Dry

The LimbO protector is a comfortable, easy-to-use, reusable waterproof protector which can be completely submerged.

It is a self-sealing, self-supporting garment which prevents the penetration of water to plaster casts and wound dressings on arms or legs during bathing. It is simple and comfortable to use and will last through the average user’s duration of treatment.

The LimbO provides a significant quality of life improvement for the user. It is a non-sterile product and is primarily intended for use in a bath or shower.

As the LimbO is robust and waterproof it can be used for swimming or in hydro pools provided some basic common sense precautions are taken. (see details under swimming)

The LimbO enables you enjoy the benefit and healing benefits that water can provide for the rest of your body whils't ensuring your wound or plaster remains dry.

A Full Range
We have a complete range of LimbO's for Adults, Children, Arms, Legs and Hands. Products can be purchased online. Use our product selector tool to ensure that the correct product is purchased.

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cast covers for broken arms and legs

The Limbo is a our standard durable waterproof protector, designed to keep your plaster or dressing dry while bathing or showering.

Available in both adults and child sizes

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