Don't Miss out on Summer Swimming Because of an Injury: Trust LimbO Australia for Waterproof Arm Cast Covers for Kids and Adults Alike

A broken bone or severe sprain is bad enough. Not only do these injuries hurt, but they mean wearing a cast, which is a major inconvenience even in the best situations. Casts make it difficult to move around, are a nightmare for sleeping... read more.

Shower or Bathe Normally with a Full Arm Cast Protector from LimbO Australia

Virtually nothing about being in a cast is convenient. Casts are hot, uncomfortable, ugly, and smelly. They are difficult to plan a wardrobe around and sometimes make getting around tough, too. They greatly reduce your ability to take... read more.

Get the Most out of Your Pool Exercises with a Waterproof Arm Sleeve or Leg Cast from LimbO Australia

After a traumatic injury, spending time in the swimming pool can be a great way to get moving and start strengthening your muscles and joints again. For severe shoulder injuries, water therapy can help patients regain strength, range of... read more.

Save Your Holiday Getaway with a Full Leg Cast Protector for Swimming

The plane tickets have been booked for months. The holiday reservations are made. The plans are roughly sketched out. You're counting down the days until you and your family will be in paradise, relaxing by the pool or jumping in the water... read more.

Why Give Up Your Hobby When You Can Buy a Leg Cast Sleeve for Swimming?

Most people sustain fractured limbs at some point or another, whether it's due to a momentary lapse in concentration or because somebody else caused an accident. Unfortunately, all we can do is wait for our injuries to heal, and in the... read more.

Protect Your Injured Wrist with a Waterproof Cast Cover for Swimming

For some people, making time to exercise can seem next to impossible, but others set their alarm for 6 am daily and never miss out on a few lengths of the pool before heading to work. Unfortunately, even though staying active is a... read more.

Wish You Could Go Swimming Despite Being Injured? A Waterproof Hand Cast Cover or Leg Sleeve Might Help

When we were in school, whichever student wore the cast was the centre of attention because everybody wanted to know about their injury and scribble messages on the cast itself. However, now that you're a working adult with an... read more.

Protect Your Kids by Purchasing Children's Cast Covers from a Company You Can Trust

Even though every parent wants the very best for their kids, they can't keep an eye on them at all times. Unfortunately, children can hurt themselves in a split second when you're not looking, and though most trips and falls result in minor... read more.

Find a Waterproof Cast, Liner, and Bandage Protector for Swimming

Wearing a cast can come with numerous challenges, but it serves an important purpose. If you have been injured, a cast can help you keep your bones in place to enable proper healing. The downside, of course, is that casts impose many... read more.

Purchase a Foot Cast Cover for Your Shower

Showering is an important part of daily life, and it's not hard to understand why. Our skin picks up germs quite easily, and needs to be cleaned regularly to keep us feeling - and smelling - fresh. However, certain circumstances can make... read more.

How to Buy an Arm Cast Cover: Full Arm or Elbow

Recovering from an injury can be challenging and difficult, especially when the injury affects a limb that you've grown used to using often. Take your arms, for instance. Nearly every convenience of the modern world is operated by your arms... read more.

Need a Cover for Your Cast? Discover Your Source for a Waterproof Wrist or Hand Cast Protector

Have you ever thought about how many times your hands come into contact with liquids each day? Consider the number of times you wash your hands daily. Don't stop there, though - you'll also have to factor in brushing your teeth, dishwashing... read more.

How to Shop for Waterproof Wound Dressing for Swimming

So, you've sustained an injury, and now you have to wear a cast or bandage. However, that doesn't mean you have to give up your active lifestyle. There are still exercises in which you can participate without having to lift heavy weights... read more.

Broken leg shower cover

There’s nothing fun about having a broken leg, seeing as there are a lot of activities that are now off limits. But missing out on all the fun is no longer a problem with a LimbO broken leg shower cover. The 100% waterproof broken leg cover... read more.

Shower sleeve for arm cast

Accidents happen in life and there’s not much we can do about them, but if your accident involves a broken arm, then a LimbO cast sleeve for showers can help you in the aftermath of a broken arm. Why... read more.